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Welcome JustPlay to SportUP!

We're super duper excited to partner with Just Play for our individual team organisation!

If you haven't heard of these guys, they're super cool 😎 .

For all 2022 SportUP competitions and beyond, Just Play will organise individual teams for SportUP. 

What does this mean for individuals?

📱 Sleek Just Play Mobile App
👩‍💻 Dedicated support team
👕 T-Shirt for all Just Play players
🏃‍♀️ Same great SportUP Competitions

Why is SportUP partnering with Just Play?

We've made the decision to partner with Just Play to ensure you, our community, get the best quality experience with SportUP, whether that's registering as a team or an individual to play in our competitions.

Just Play has an enormous amount of experience and are focused solely on helping individuals get playing in social sports competitions.

They have a great team and technology to make being an individual playing with SportUP super, duper easy, as it should be.

What about us? We’ll be focusing on making sure our competitions are the very best quality in Brisbane, so you can just get on the field or court, and enjoy playing!

A little bit about Just Play

Just Play’s mission is to improve people’s health and well-being by creating friendly and accessible sporting experiences. Which is why they’re the PERFECT partner for SportUP.

They want to make the process of playing sport simple, fun, and stress free, just like us!

Just Play small team with some big ideas about the role sport can play in making new friends, getting regular exercise, breaking down cultural barriers and building genuine connections.

Everything we do at Just Play starts with thinking about the experience of someone who wants to play but doesn’t have a team.

What information do they want to know, how do we make it easy for them to find somewhere to play, do they need specific questions answered or some friendly encouragement?

We started out with some excel spreadsheets and an iPhone 5 and quickly established that if we wanted to provide a truly great experience we were going to need to do a fair bit more.

5+ years of ongoing development later and the result is a custom technology solution to provide our players with an experience we’re proud of and more importantly, that they tell us is great.

Want to know more about the people behind Just Play? Meet our team

When is the Partnership starting?

You’ll be able to register NOW for any competition starting in 2022 on Just Play.

Thinking of playing in 2021? No worries, simply register with SportUP as an individual as you normally would.


I’ve been playing in SportUP competitions for years, can I still play in my normal competition with my teammates?

YES! You can register for your normal competition through Just Play, and even be put in the team with your mates who you’ve played with previously.

You still get the same great SportUP experience, backed up with the amazing support & technology of Just Play.

Will Just Play be more expensive than SportUP?

Just Play has set their individual fee at $210, the standard SportUP individual fee, so you can transfer straight over, no hassle at all!


Will I still get updates and team organisation through Just Play like I do with SportUP?

YES! It’s the reason we’ve chosen them as our partner! Just Play has developed their own App that allows you to RSVP to the game, see your team lineup and who's attending, manage your upcoming season and chat to Customer Support whenever you need a hand. Think of the Teamer App, but much, much better.

Learn more about Just Play here.


Yoga For Sleep

Yoga isn’t just beneficial for improving core strength, flexibility, and stress levels; it can help you sleep better- especially if you suffer from insomnia. Studies have proven that practicing yoga on a daily basis helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and improve your overall night’s rest so that you wake up feeling refreshed. 

A good night’s sleep affects how you relate to the world, thus decreasing depression, anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure. Proper sleep increases stress resilience, optimism, memory, metabolism and even the ability to problem solve.  So unless you are a superhero, your body requires sleep.

Introducing yoga into your bedtime routine will have marvellous benefits on the quality of your sleep. However, it is important that you are doing the right type of yoga. Energising yoga such as hot yoga and vinyasa won’t help you relax as well as restorative styles of yoga such as hatha. A helpful first step before beginning your bedtime yoga practice is to switch off your phone so you can immerse yourself in the practice and begin to relax.

Below are five yoga poses ideal for preparing the body for sleep. You will need one or two pillows and lots of slow, soft breaths. May your dreams be sweet, and your sleep refreshingly deep!

Child’s Pose (Balasana) 

Rest your chest and belly on one or two stacked pillows, with knees wide apart and your big toes touching. Rest an ear on your pillow, close your eyes, and let your jaw and belly relax. Your arms can rest on either side of the pillow, or placed above your head.

Standing forward bend (Uttanasana)

To perform this pose, stand with your feet about six inches apart and fold your torso to the ground. Reach your hands towards the floor or bend the arms and grab the opposite elbow with the opposite hand.

Legs up the wall pose (Viparita Karani) 

This simple pose, performed against the wall, is excellent for evening relaxation and stress relief. Laying on your back, place both legs up against the wall making sure your buttocks is as close to the wall as possible. When the legs are flipped up, the blood can rush back down to the heart which can be a very soothing feeling. Remain in this pose for as long as five minutes, with your eyes closed.

Reclining Butterfly (Supta Baddha Konasana) 

This pose can prepare the body for rest. Either lying on your back or on a pillow, bring the soles of your feet together, splaying out the knees like a diamond. If your hips are tight and the pose feels too intense, put a folded blanket or cushion under each of the knees. 

Corpse pose (Savasana)

Corpse pose is the traditional final resting pose at the end of any yoga practice. You can let your breath return to normal in this pose. On a mat or in bed, lay down on your back, with your legs hip width apart and feet pointing outwards. Relax your arms by your side, with your palms facing upwards. Let your lower back soften and relax into a blissful sleep.


Yoga For Stress Relief

Dating back over 5000 years, yoga is considered by many to be the oldest defined practice of self-development.

Many studies have found that a little yoga in the morning, at night, or even on a lunch break, can minimise stress and increase productivity.

It is believed that yoga is extremely effective for stress relief because, aside from the physical benefits yoga brings, it encourages a good mood (YAY for happy savasana vibes), increases mindfulness, and is a healthy dose of self-compassion.

Prolonged stress takes its toll physically, emotionally and mentally and can affect everything from sleep, digestion and our relationships.

Yoga practiced in the right way can be as soothing as a hug when it comes to reducing tension and relaxing the body.

Certain postures have a deeply calming effect on the whole system, especially forward folding poses. Restorative and Yin yoga are great styles for practicing the art of letting go, as is savasana/relaxation at the end of the yoga class.

Yoga emphasises breathing and a focus on the mind/body/spirit connection, which yields strong emotional benefits. People who practice yoga regularly report that they sleep better and feel less stressed.

When we are stressed out or anxious, the mind becomes busy. Learning to focus the mind on one thing at a time may seem like the most difficult thing in the world, however with practice, it becomes easier.

Meditation is an amazing tool to help cope with stress and anxiety as it is the practice of becoming aware of the breath. Whether you are holding postures, flowing through sequences, or in a seated meditation pose, everything begins to focus and slow down when you begin to become aware of the breath.

What yoga poses help with stress? Here are four beginner friendly poses that can help ease stress:

Reclined Butterfly pose: This pose is extremely relaxing and perfect to do before you go to sleep as it settles the mind and helps you unwind. 
Lie on your back with the soles of your feet touching one another. You can keep your arms by your side or stretch your hands above your head, whatever feels best.

Legs up the wall pose: This pose reverses the blood flow, increases lymphatic circulation, and nourishes the heart and mind.
Bring your mat over to the wall and lie on your back. With your bottom up against the wall, stretch your legs upward toward the sky and rest them against the wall. Arms can be out to your sides or hands can rest on your belly. 

Cat-Cow pose: This pose works with the spine to calm the nervous system and induce a relaxation response.
Come to your hands and knees, with wrists beneath the shoulders and knees beneath the hips. As you inhale, drop the belly toward the floor, raise the tailbone, and bring your shoulders back. As you exhale, reverse the movement, sending the tailbone towards the earth, rounding the lower back then upper back, and releasing the back of the neck so the crown of the head is pointing toward the earth. 

Restorative Child’s Pose: This pose supports the heart and opens up the body creating a sense of comfort and release
Sit back on your heels with knees outstretched to about the width of your mat. Bring a bolster, pillow or folded blanket to touch the inside of both knees, positioned vertically out in front of you. Stretch your arms overhead and fold forward over your bolster, allowing your torso to rest on your prop. Your head can be turned to one side. Rest your hands on either side of your bolster or prop. 

The best part about yoga is that it helps you discover more about your mind, body and emotions. Yoga can help you become more balanced, calm, focused, and relaxed as you go through life’s usual ups and downs. Practicing yoga regularly will help the practice become a natural part of your daily routine, ready to help you manage life’s stresses well into the future.