Top 5 benefits of playing social soccer

Do you ever have those days where you feel stuck in your daily routine, and you don’t know how to stay motivated? Then social soccer is the solution for you! Spice up your lifestyle with social soccer and its energetic atmosphere that puts a pep in your step every time you leave the soccer field.



Social soccer is team sport that focuses on fun and provides an abundance of social and physical benefits for participants. Studies suggest that social sports such as soccer are important for personal growth and development. Dr Fraser Carson, a coaching lecturer at Deakin University’s Faculty of Health, explains that even an hour a week of social sport can help improve your overall wellbeing. Check out these top 5 benefits that will get you motivated to try social soccer and watch how your everyday lifestyle improves by heading onto the field and playing a soccer game purely for fun.



1.    Boosts mood and reduces stress

Physical exercise releases chemicals in the body known as endorphins and these chemicals then boost feelings of happiness, confidence, and overall positive feelings. A game of social soccer provides enough activity to encourage the brain to release the right amount of these chemicals so you can effectively manage your stress levels and improve your overall mood.

2.    Improves interpersonal relationships

Social soccer encourages sportsmanship as it requires teammates to motivate and support each other. These team bonds created on the soccer field help develop networking skills and build strong relationships that can be hard to develop in more formal situations.


3.    Increases workplace productivity

Wellness activities such as social soccer are a great way to create a cohesive work environment that boosts workplace productivity. A survey by Harvard Business Review found that 79% of employees confirmed that wellness activities made them happy and more productive at work.


4.    Improves physical health  

Social soccer is an activity that improves cardiovascular health as the running movements on the field gets the heart pumping and circulates more blood throughout the body. A strong cardiovascular system helps to maintain overall health and prevent heart disease.


5.    Boosts self-confidence

The supportive environment of social soccer can help you feel a sense of belonging within your team, which positively impacts your self-esteem levels. Developing teamwork skills through social soccer can also give you a sense of self accomplishment and in turn, improve confidence within yourself.


Social Soccer in Brisbane

Experience these benefits yourself with one of the social soccer competitions offered by SportUP. As Brisbane’s largest social sport club, SportUP has a variety of friendly and truly social soccer competitions in Brisbane CBD and surrounds. SportUP will find you the perfect 12-week competition based on experience level and location so you can fully enjoy the fun that social soccer gives. With prizes for the‘Most Social’ and ‘Champion’ teams, SportUP offers an activity that will surely motivate you and spice up your lifestyle.


Learn more about playing social soccer in Brisbane here.


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