Team Captain Handbook


  • 1. Check your Season Start Dates here.
    Please note: Season start dates may change so always check the start dates page for the latest updates.
  • 2. Fixtures will go LIVE the FRIDAY before your Competition start date.
    You will receive an email by 5pm on Friday the week before your season starts with all the details.
    Once published you can find the fixtures anytime by choosing your competition here:
    Netball Fixtures
    Basketball Fixtures
    Football Fixtures
    Volleyball Fixtures
  • 3. ALL PLAYERS MUST INDIVIDUALLY REGISTER to take the court before game 1.
    Players can register themselves here:
    Just send your team this link now with your planned team name.
  • 5. Need to check what some of the rules are?
    e.g. Forfeits are a $99 forfeit fee unless you notify SportUP ahead of time.
    Find all of our sport and social rules for playing here.

  • 6. Fees are due BEFORE your 2nd game of the season via bank transfer:
  • Account Name: SportUP Pty Ltd
    BSB: 064-127
    Account Number: 1045-6652
    Reference: ‘TeamName’ eg Panthers
    Receipt: Email receipt to


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  • Join the Subs Facebook Group to find subs for your team and Sub in for other teams. 👉 Join HERE
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  • There are 12 rounds in a season (And don't worry if games get rained out we will make sure games are replayed - will still play all 12 rounds even if there is wet weather)
  • Game times are between 6pm -9:45pm. Your game time cannot be set, and will change each week but we work hard to have an even spread of game times for all teams so you shouldn't have more than 3 early or late games.
  • YES! We play on Public Holidays (All Hallow's venue excluded)
  • Forfeits - show up or face the $99 fee - read more HERE
  • If on Outdoor courts/fields, your game may be postponed due to WET WEATHER, check the WET WEATHER updates HERE.
  • You may receive a BYE in your Competition - read more HERE
  • SportUP Points are just as important as competition points #mostsocialteam - read more HERE
  • We have a 3 strike rule system - so BE NICE! Read more HERE
  • No finals, person on the top of the ladder is the Champion
  • SportUP doesn’t offer Insurance - Read why HERE 
  • Handy link to our Terms and Conditions HERE
  • SportUP has 2 divisions, Disco 💃 & Boombox 🔊 learn more HERE 
  • We play at School Venues - NO ALCOHOL OR DOGS onsite, littering or loitering before/after games is allowed


  • Toowong Competitions - Blade/spiked/studded shoes are NOT ALLOWED at this venue, sneakers only.
    We play on grass so we recommend trail running shoes (they're more grippy).
  • Yeronga Competitions - Shinpads are Mandatory, boots with BLADES are NOT allowed but studded boots or sneakers are good to go.


  • Netball teams must provide your own bibs for games (we do not provide for hygiene reasons) - we recommend GAME Clothing Netball bibs (they're made right here in Brissie).
  • Make sure you have good quality trainers or netball shoes.


  • We choose the game ball from Players balls brought to the game. The Referee will choose the Game ball from offered balls at the start of each game. If no game ball is offered, a SportUP ball will be used.
  • Make sure you have good quality trainers or basketball shoes.


  • SportUP is specifically a social sports organisation, we are not a competitive league and offer social sports competitions for all sorts of teams, from complete beginners to seasoned.
  • Should you play like you're in the NBA/FIFA World Cup/Olympics?  We're all here for a good time over the score. If your team does care about winning over enjoyment of the game, SportUP isn't for you. Respect should always be shown to your teammates, the referee and your opposition.
  • Any swearing, unsportsmanlike behaviour, aggressive behaviour, talking back to the referees is not acceptable in SportUP Competitions. if your team or an individual within your team is reported, you will receive an official team warning.
  • 2 Team warnings removes your team from the competition for the remainder of the season. 3 Team warnings removes you from all future SportUP Competitions.


  • Players OVER 18 years old only - SportUP operates adult only social competitions. As a result, all players must be 18, or over the age of 18, before they can start playing with us. Any players found to be playing while under the age of 18, will be asked to leave the league/venue immediately and no refunds will be offered for future fixtures missed that may have been paid for.
  • Player Sign On - Players have entered their team details correctly on either game card or online through SportUP website (, including contact numbers, email, phone number and signatures.
    Sign in players taking the court each and every game. Each player must have played and signed in for a minimum of 3 games to be able to play in Wk 11 and 12 games.
  • Team Fees - By registering a team in our competition you have committed yourselves to a 12 week season. The $200 deposit reserves your team a spot for the first week. This deposit and the full season fee are not refundable. SportUP reserves the right to delay seasons when required. The team captain is responsible for paying the team fee and recover the costs from their team individually. There are no refunds for team deposits regardless of reason.
  • Forfeits and Subs - There is a $99 forfeit fee if your team do not show up.
    If your team is short, we have a subs group so you can find a replacement player here.
    To avoid the forfeit fee, you can post on the subs group before 1pm. If it looks like you still might need to forfeit you need to contact us on 0425908308 by 1 pm on your game day and we can help you out.
    If you can find sub replacements that will play for your missing players so the game can still go ahead then we do not charge any forfeit fee.
  • Insurance - Captains must ensure that each player on your team must have their own personal insurance that covers the sport that they are playing. Indoor sports is a dangerous activity and may cause serious injury or death. Any players that participate at SportUP do so at their own risk. Management and all staff hold no responsibility for injury, death or loss of personal property.
  • Auto-renewal - Auto-renewal and the automatic deposit of $200 is automatically processed the day after your Week 8 game. If you do not wish to auto-renew and secure your spot in for next season, opt out here. By doing so, you relinquish your team place in next season's competition, and we will offer your spot to new teams.


  • SportUP is specifically as Social Sports Organisation, we expect social and friendly behaviour from all team members.
  • Players are required to participate in the spirit of the games they play and we expect all players to show respect to all other players, referees, staff and members of the public. No Swearing, talking back to referees, or aggressive behaviour will be tolerated.
  • SportUP play's at School Venues - arriving before or leaving after SportUP officials, drinking, littering or swearing onsite is expressly prohibited. You must arrive and leave in a timely manner through the approved entry and exit points at the venue. No dogs are permitted onsite at Schools.
  • We reserve the right to remove any player or team from individual games or ban from seasons for anything that we believe acted in a way that compromise the safety or social atmosphere of our games. We take threats and abuse to other players or referees very seriously. Any players deemed to be threatening, abusive or unsocial, will be removed immediately and further action may be sought.

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