Brisbane CBD

Venue: All Hallow's School, Brisbane CBD 

  • PREMIUM CBD Location overlooking the Story Bridge
  • 3 premium courts: Mercy Hall (Indoor) Loretto Hall (Indoor) & Multipurpose (Outdoor)
  • Basketball, Netball & Volleyball are played here Monday - Thursday
  • FREE Parking on site
  • Acces Parking via - 20 Dodge Lane, Brisbane
  1. Enter the carpark from Dodge Lane
  2. 20 Dodge Ln, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006\
  3. Once you park find the stairs right beside the carpark entrance and go up all of them
  4. At the top of the stairs turn left through the shipping container tunnels
  5. Turn right at the end of the T junction
  6. Multi-purpose Court: Take a left then continue straight until you hit the courts!
  7. Loretto Hall Court: Continue straight towards the Story Bridge until the double doors down a couple of stairs on your right for Loretto Hall!   Mercy Hall: Continue straight all the way
  8. Mercy Hall: Go all the way up the external stairs to arrive at Mercy Hall!
  9. Mercy Hall: Admire the gorgeous view!

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